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The use of can, should and must

If we are interested in learn about the English language we need to learn about the common expressions then the American people use, in this topic we are going to talk about the use of can, must, and should,  this expressions can help us to give an advice an order or give permission we are gonna use this expressions in everywhere every time, so is important to practice them.

The use of can

You                                     eat everything you want
He              can                  make a delicious food
She            can’t                go to a museum

We use can to talk about a possibility, ability or give permission
-       You can go to everywhere (possibility)
-       You can play the piano (ability)
-       Can I take a cookie? (give permission)
You is the most common word before can. You often means people in general
-       You can´t take pictures = it’s not possible to take pictures
More examples
You can go to the party
You can buy the shoes
You can watch the movie

You can’t go to the cinema
You can’t take a ferry to an island

Can I buy this?
Can I go to the mall?


Women – oh, no it’s raining!  what can you do in new york in a day like this?
Man – you can do a million things we can take a ferry to the statue of liberty
Women – we can go to the top of the empire state building?
Man – well… yeah but you can’t see anything in the rain  

The use of must

                                             Go to the museum

You               must              eat something

                                               Go to school

We can use 'must' to show that we are certain something is true, express an obligation and an advice.

You must be happy because is weekend (true)
You must be very sick you look so bad (true)
You must go to bed early (obligation)
You must eat all the vegetables (obligation)
You must take an aspirin (advice)
You must take a taxi because is raining (advice)

Must not expresses prohibition - something that is not permitted
I mustn't eat so much sugar.
You mustn't watch so much television.

More examples


Lisa – I don’t wanna go to school
Dad – you must go because you have an exam
Lisa – but I fell really bad I mustn’t go I think I have a cold
Dad – oh you have a cold? Well you must take an aspirin because you are going to school that’s it.

The use of should

                                                 Go to school
You                      Should         
                                                 Take a taxi
She/he/it            shouldn’t
                                                 Drink some water

We use should and shouldn't to give advice or to talk about what we think is right or wrong.

You should studied more
You should go to doctor
You should ask to the teacher
You shouldn’t   smoke or drink alcohol

You should … can be very strong. People sometimes soften it by saying
-       I think you should
-       Maybe you should
-       You should probably
You should bring an umbrella
You should go to the hospital
You should read more

You shouldn’t wear high heels
You shouldn’t drive and make a call at the same time

Should I take these shoes?
What should I take?

Jenny – mom can I go to the beach?
Mom - ok you should take a towel and a hat because is very hot outside, you shouldn’t expose too much to the sun


Is very important know how use this modals, they can help us to have conversations in everywhere and make questions, we need to practice them to have an extended vocabulary and interact with the people and express yourself clearly in every situations


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